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A great day, every day! - May 2021

A great day, every day!
A great day, every day! - May 2021
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Shared understanding through mob programming
Whenever you’re building software, or anything else for that matter, knowledge and information will need to be transferred between persons and teams. Some teams do this by writing extensive documentation or writing long Jira stories. Yet, there are a few pitfalls with this way of communication. For example; documentation is easy to be misinterpreted, which could steer your team in the wrong direction and eventually could result in the team building the wrong thing. Usually this ends up in retrospectives where the complaint is that documentation or acceptance criteria are not extensive enough. The goal is knowledge transfer, so instead of focusing on writing there should be a focus on shared understanding!
One way to create shared understanding is to collaborate more closely. A great way to do this is mob programming, it’s about collaboratively solving the biggest problem together.
How it works is explained in the podcast with Woody Zuill, the creator of mob programming.

Mob Programming with Woody Zuill
Mob Programming with Woody Zuill
If you are curious about mob programming or hone your skills further; we are organising an online 8 hour workshop with Woody Zuill on 28th of June till 1st of July, each day from 14:30 - 17:00.
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A great day, every day!

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